Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Type 1 Becks

I am slightly obsessed with Energy Profiling. I found this awesome book called "The Child Whisperer" by Carol Tuttle. In this book Carol writes about how to parent your child according to their own energy type. She gives you a guide to discovering your own child's energy type. She also gives you ideas on what some of their needs might be. It's basically "a handbook for your child". (That is like the teensy tinsy tip of the iceberg there...)

I LOVE THIS. It has seriously changed my life. From the way I dress, to the way I view others, and everything in between. Carol Tuttle if you ever read this...YOU ARE MY HERO!!!

I'll be writing a lot about my discoveries, "aha's", successes and no so successful things too (I hope there will be a lot less of those though!). This blog is my sounding board. My friends and family have heard enough of me talking.

The Child Whisperer This is the link to the website. I am not getting paid for this. That's too bad huh. hahahaha....I just need a place to barf my thoughts out and try to see them all at the same time.
So ME. I'm a type 1. Fun Loving Bright Animated energy type person. I have ideas. Lots of ideas. An overwhelming amount of ideas. I start LOTS of new things (like this blog). I love my pals. And when I say pals, it could very well be the person I am standing next to at the grocery store. Or the person who I am running next to on the treadmill. Or you. Yes you. We are now pals. :) People are my people. I love people!  I play hard. I also work hard. I talk fast, I think fast.

A few things I am doing for myself to support and love my bright happy self: Talk to everyone. Make people smile. Send encouraging text messages to pals. Put on pretty clothes. Play in makeup. Laugh loud. Tease my kids. SMILE. Stay away from local news. Read my scriptures! Plan parties. Go to parties. Play with my kids, seriously play, like tag. ride bikes, play pretend, nerf guns, swim, paint, color!!!!

Here is the thing. Life weighs us all down. But for a Type 1 like me...if I feel weighed down, I can't function. I need to feel light like I need to eat. And truly, if I am happy, EVERYONE IS HAPPY!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

When littlest wakes up from naps I am usually pretty slow to go get her. I am always like, "just one more minute baby...just one more thing done..." Anyone else know what I'm talking about? By the time I make it in there, this is usually what I see. (I did ask them to smile and hold still). They have so much fun and I am so glad they love each other!

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Preschool Graduation

Way back in June we had a very special day. Preschool graduation. So proud. Big T completed 2 years of preschool and now he knows all the letters of the alphabet and their sounds, he knows shapes, and he can write his own name! We sure love his teachers! I think what makes this preschool so great, is that those grandmas love them like their own, they learn a lot too, go lots of places, and do lots of crafts. But truly the very best part of preschool is them. Big T's favorite things were helping with snack time, and playing in the playroom. What a fun bunch of kids! He came home singing a new song every week. I think my personal favorite was 5 little pumpkins...although none of us can ever remember what the 2nd pumpkin does...

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

4th of July

The fourth of July is one of our families favorite holidays. We are slightly patriotic. Very patriotic. WE LOVE AMERICA!!! The night before the 4th was spent as a camp out. Dad camped with the older kids. I stayed out until dark reading the kids Harry Potter and the Sorcerers Stone (our current bed time read) and eating stove top s'mores. It was great weather, but the fire works kept everyone awake. Tim was the only one who made it through the whole night.

After a sleepless night for Hyrum (Big Bro couldn't sleep because of the fireworks) we went to the Newhall parade. We had fun getting lots of flyers but really, it was wonderful to see the veterans and to give them a cheer! And of course see the boy scouts carrying the flag. I always CRY. Really neat thing happened there...the veterans were walking down as part of the parade and someone starting thanking them, then people caught on and soon everyone was taking turns thanking them. A huge lessons in gratitude for my kids and ME.

The highlight of the day would have to be our annual fireworks with friends at a local park. Started out warm, got FREEZING, but it was a blast. Yea for the 4th of July!

Sunday, July 15, 2012

A few things to be grateful for tonight....

Bedtime is its wonderful! After a long day tired kids get their cute little bodies in cute little jammies and giggle themselves to bed where they say their sweet prayers, and then drift off to bedtime stories. Anyone else want to be tucked in? I DO!

Tonight Big T requested butterly kisses for his good night kiss. I gave him a few and a hug and turned out the light. A few minutes later, his little smiling face is here asking me for more butterfly kisses.